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                                                               SWISS BRAND

                                                               We make products the way we would like to have them ourselves.
                                                               This means in outstanding Swiss quality, with solution-oriented
                                                               functionality. We believe in innovation for smart, creative and
                                                               contemporary products and services. And our no-frills iconic
                                                               design is based on simple, distinctive and clean lines. Our Brand
                                                               Values are defined by our promise to our customers, which
                                                               describes how they will benefit from our products. Victorinox
                                                               stands for quality, innovation, functionality and iconic design.
                                                               Thanks to our efficient quality assurance system, we are able to
                                                               provide a lifetime warranty on all products we sell with a blade.

                                05                      13T

                                08                      08T

                                10                      10T
                                                                                                   58 MM  LIFETIME
                                06                      06T

                                12                      12T

                                11                      11T

                                29                      29T

                                03                      04T

                                24                      24T    Pocket knife Victorinox CLASSIC SD 58 mm
                                                               Swiss pocket knife with the following functions: small blade for cutting, pair of
                                                               mini scissors, nail file with a screwdriver tip, toothpick, tweezers, key ring.
                                14                      14T
                                                                  58 × 9 × 18 mm

                                                                                                                  VIP 9
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