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Get ready to

                                                        be inspired…

                                                         As your trusted partner in the product
                                                         media industry, we offer a meaningful
                                                         collection with products and brand that
                                                         last and that people love to use.

                                                         Our ambition is not only to offer more
                                                         sustainable products but to also help you
                                                         and your customers make a better choice.
                                                         In our joint sustainable journey, you can
                                                         trust us to be transparent, to provide you
                                                         with data and that we work with third-
                                                         party validation and proof.

                                                         To help you choose the perfect gift, our
                                                         House of Inspiration 2023 catalogue
                                                         provides a clear overview of our product
                                                         media collection and inspires you with:
                                                         •  More sustainable products
                                                         •  Your favourites – our bestsellers
                                                         •  Quality brands
                                                         •   How to create one-of-a-kind products
                                                           with our ‘Create your own’ service

                                                        Apparel                                           04
                                                        Drinkware                                         48
                                                        Bags                                              80

                                                        Technology                                       106
                                                        Stationery & Writing                             140
                                                        Home & Kitchen                                   188
                                                        Gifts                                            214
                                                        Create your own                                  238

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