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Single Pass                       New!         Embroidery                                New!

          Lower prices, better results                         Make an indelible impression.

          Meet our new ‘Single Pass’ digital printer. This     Your text and logo will be embroidered on the
          automatic digital printer makes you profit from      article. This technique is mainly used for textiles, like
          lower printing prices and better results! Already 29   hats, caps, scarves, and bags. It adds a luxurious
          of our bestselling articles can be printed via this   look and feel that will never fade.

                  Lower prices: Up to 140% lower prices in comparison   Colourful: you can embroider a selected number
                with the normal ‘digital’ print techniques. You get a   of articles with up to 12 PMS colours. The amount of

                full colour print for the price of 1 colour pad printing.  colours does not affect the price!

                Suitable for ‘Name it’: Personalize the items with   Large logo: we can embroider an area as large as
                different names                                      300 cm².

                Better results: Impressive print quality because white
                                                                     Suitable for ‘Name it’: personalize the items with
                is always printed underneath, PMS colors will also be
                                                                     different names.
                more color authentic.

                Pad printing     The normal
                (one colour)     digital printer



                     The automatic
                     digital printer

             Prices shown are for explanation purposes only
 6 6                                                                                                      7 7
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