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Gifts with a


                  Gifts to remember
                  The Impression assortment is carefully selected based on many years of experience. The
                  products keep up with the latest trends, are socially responsible, and are chosen with the wishes
                  of the end-user in mind. The Impression assortment consists exclusively of products that make a
                  positive impact and result in long-lasting brand awareness.

                  Endless possibilities
                  With over a thousand products, available in multiple colours, you will always find the product
                  that achieves your goals. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly item for your coworkers, a
                  premium item for your business relations, or an inexpensive but effective giveaway for potential
                  customers. We have the item that makes the right impression.

                  Safe & certified
                  Safety is important to us, to you, and to the recipients of the gifts. That’s why Impression
                  guarantees that the assortment is safe. All products have passed thorough testing and are 100%
                  certified according to EU rules and regulations. Every Impression item has an official certificate
                  with approved test results. Safe and certified gifts are the best way to make a good and socially
                  responsible impression.

                  Delivered and printed in Europe
                  The Impression assortment is printed and delivered directly from stock in Europe. This way the
                  deliveries are fast and reliable. With over 15 printing techniques, decades of expertise, and the
                  newest machines, your logo will not only look great, but will also last a long time. This way you
                  will make a long-lasting impact. The recipient will remember you.

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