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                               The overarching goal of our holistic multi-year strategy is based
                               on SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production and is trans-
                               lated into three strategic pillars: People, Products and Processes.

                               We continue to increase the use of (GOTS, GRS, FSC certified)
                               organic and recycled materials and sustainable branding techni-
                               ques in all our product categories. And although change comes
                               step by step, our aim is high. By 2025, we want all newly launched
                               products and packaging to contain sustainable materials.

                               As part of SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth, we build a
                               more transparent supply chain and support our vendors to deve-
                               lop sustainable labour conditions. We want everything to be crys-
                               tal clear for you and aim for fully traceable supply chains for our
                               tier 1 and 2 vendors by 2025. As a member of Amfori, we trade
                               with purpose and work towards a future in which all product de-
                               velopment takes place at third party audited vendors.

                               Healthy underwater life is essential since it is the most diverse
                               and important ecosystem that regulates the climate and absorbs
                               carbon emissions. Based on SDG 14 Life below water, we focus
                               on using sustainable materials such as recycled plastic instead of
                               virgin plastic in our products.

                               Guided by SDG 13 Climate action, we improve our performance by
                               measuring the carbon footprint of our European facilities and our

                               products. To do this, we partner with Nature Office, which helps
                               us reach our goal of 50% CO2 emission reduction from our pro-
                               ducts and production by 2025.

                                             For more information on the sustainable
                                               development goals, scan the QR code.

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